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CupcakKe Reality, Pt. 4
Times changed was dealing with so much painBut at the same time it's alot that I overcameWent from hungry last year now dressing in cashmeresIt's just a bag I won't brag cause I struggled the past yearsI had a empty fridge would eat me a stale bagelThanksgiving Day with only me at the tableNo friends or family demons surrounding meSometimes I had thoughts of jumping off the balconyBut um, I kept chewing on Doublemint bubblegumLeftovers in my stomach more like pieces of crumbsAround the wrong crowd they telling me hit the blunt My father don't want me like we don't want Donanld TrumpI was tryna keep it cool for my mammyThem long lines standing in that food pantryWasn't a joke, losing my hopeGot bags under my eyes looking lik ...Read More

CupcakKe Tarzan
I don't think motherfuckers understandIt's like thisListen...Drama free don't speak to me, whatchu know about EBT?I came from nothing no GED, now I got a article in MTVDraw the line like yellow tapeBlowing up like overweightThat money talk that money talkLike anything that Oprah sayOne second they T'd talkingCome across em they speed walkingYeah the trigger, I squeeze off itThis the reason why we need coffinsMake it where you can't see straightKnown for the hands like a DJI'm only near if my money there or aw shit I'm a be latePull up with the guys, catch a nigga by surpriseBet yo ass won't survive, I ain't letting shit slideChoke a nigga with his tie then I tell him nice try When I'm up to something I c ...Read More

CupcakKe Toys R Us
Blowing up my phone cause I got bomb pussyI'm not from the hood I am from my mom pussyI talk shit that's what I do, talk shit till my face blueYou doing good when they hate youThese bitches kiddie like Babe RuthComprehend I'm not yo friend I forever trend like TimberlandsI don't never count what I'm finna spendMy money right don't need a penCome out slaying with the hottest lookMake yo nigga come out his pocketbookIt ain't a date just a dinner plateThese frog legs, such elite buffetBack to the streets I gotta get me a buckCondoms not needed cause, don't give a fuckMy homies told me who they bout to rushI won't say shit like the old movie hushCause I'm not no snitch but I am that bitchAll because I'm in the light do n ...Read More

CupcakKe Civilized
Please understand that I don't want you to stand back (come here baby)Every time I walked away from this, nigga you ran back (ran back ran back)And I swear to God, that's what I love about youQuestion myself every time I doubt youCause I know that you care, breath of fresh airI get bubbly inside every time that you stareYou love me even when I'm uglyMake love to me, don't fuck meGotta make me feel so lovelyWith a long grandma hug or don't touch meIgnore them hoes when the phone runSo yeah, you in it for the long runYou mine now through thick or thinSo if she gave you brain, tell her think againWon me like a prize (a prize)Never tell me lies (no lies)When you on me side (me side)I feel civilizedWon me like a p ...Read More

CupcakKe Cumshot
For 10.99 you can hit it from behindVideo me giving you head that's Facetime(Ha, ha, ha)Murder my pussy without the gunshotJust shoot me up my ass crack with a cum shotSore out my body like pilates, boy don't stopJust cover all my gums up with a cum shotCum shot, cum shotIn my crotch, my crotch(Cum shot, cum shotIn my crotch, my crotch)Do anything that you say bae, you ain't gotta wait baePlace a lot of nut inside my mouth like a PaydaySex never get old it will never expirePussy worked it so hard it might need to retireCoochie fat as fuck it weigh like 50 poundsI bent this thing over like I took a bowDick in my pum pum may get lost and drownNiggas get in this pussy and lose in lost and foundNow you wa ...Read More

CupcakKe Barcodes
Pay for the day if you wanna playIn the room it's a bed and Febreeze sprayUse protection when I sell it like my doctor sayThis man all in my ear like some Dr Dre'sHe said when can I get that wet stuff? I said when can I get that check stub? Next week? Aw damn that's messed upWell now I'm on my period, whole time it's ketchupCall me a hoe on the go tryna get my doughI don't handout pussy that's like handing out goldCause a twat could sellout just like my showsMight auction this pussy the highest bidder it's soldPussy ain't free I might have to charge moreCheck numbers gotta be looking like barcodesPussy ain't free I might have to charge moreCheck numbers gotta be looking like barcodesPay the damn price or go home to ...Read More

CupcakKe Biggie Smalls
Instagram hoes shouldn't be ya'll goalsLook past the pose, she photoshopped her rollsFilter so bright she don't think black glowsThat 30-inch weave is to cover her back rollsIt's shocking to you but not to mePeople turning insecurities to mockeriesShit I could be thin or overweight, won't bother meI'm still choosing Burger King over broccoliI love every inch of my body don't compare me to shawtySize 7 or 11, I'm a still be a hottieI dial 0 to the lobby, chop up my steak like karateSend it up with 10 cups cause I drink pop like a hobbyI'm picking rooftop party hell yeah its bout to go upTill shorty put her finger down her mouth she tryna throwupSo she won't gain weight from listening to the hateCan't give her food for thought ...Read More

CupcakKe Quick Thought
I feel like getting ignant 'Why I say ignant'? Ignant'Ignorant, ignat'Ignorant, ignat'Ignorant, ignatWhatever the fuck do you call itWhatever the fuck do you call itAy, lemme stop playing...Cash or credit I take bothI get dirty money might need soapSummertime still a cold world so I walk around in a peacoatDon't interfere with my gangstaSaw mo' money than a bankerAin't no therapy for my angerCause I'll put the therapist in dangerOriginal bitch, who don't take no one shitIf them niggas start buggin' I raid they shitIn other words I spray they shit, whip a bitch ass I Nae Nae shitI catch a confession I am the connectionI'm bodying niggas just out of perfectionWitness protection should be his direction ...Read More

CupcakKe Author
S-s-s-s-soft pillow with a dildoSince you out fucking on a real hoeGot 20 bitches entertaining youLike cheerleaders at a field showI'on give a fuck cause you cheated onceAnd you must think I'm a still let youCall after call when I'm with youLet me guess dude, it's a bill collector?Yeah, yeah, yeah same excuseDamn boy, how lame is you?This that shit that anger doCause you let hoes hang with youEverytime I try to talk to you is like all you do is start holleringYou got me walking on eggshells everyday like this HalloweenWhat if it's not meant, all that time we spentDo it all vanish?How do men find a way to call them all baeHow they even manage?Now you tryna take advantageSince you realize that you all I got ...Read More

CupcakKe CPR
Uno, dois, três, quatroNo quick head in my bed I can't have thatI want that long neck not talking giraffe neckAin't no laying down man we bout to have late funI'm bout' to make your balls stick up like space bunsWant your dick soaked? Place it down my throatTongue tickle yo' dick but not telling a jokePeddle in this pussy that's how you rock a boatIt get live in this pussy I'm not talking PeriscopeIn the sheets I am a bullyGive more head than a hoodieEvery time you make me cum it look just like vanilla puddingSit on yo face all day until you say bae it hurt me Then I turn around and give the dick more kisses than Hershey'sYo dick brick hard like a medal (uhh)I got 3 holes for it like a pretzel (uhmm)Tight as a ...Read More

New Lyrics Indonesia

Karel Cinta Pertama
Lirik Lagu Karel Cinta PertamaAda yang berbeda Yang kini ku rasaMenghiasi hatikuAda rasa gundah Ada juga resahSaat kau didekatkuMau makan ku ingat kamuMau tidur ku ingat kamuLagi-lagi teringat kamuSaat coba tak ingat kamuJatuh cinta Inikah rasanyaSungguh bahagiaKarena cinta Ini yang pertamaOh ternyata Oh ternyataCinta itu indahI'm falling in loveI'm falling in loveAda yang berbeda Yang kini ku rasaMenghias ...Read More

Kuota Kepengen Tobat
Lirik Lagu Kuota Kepengen TobatDalam sehari Ada lima kaliYang selalu Aku kerjakanMulai dari hoby Dugem dan check inKu juga Doyan narkobaMabuk-mabukanDan sering Menipu orangDalam sehari Ada lima kaliBukannya shalat tapi maksiat Oh maksiatSampai ketika Aku diterpaSakit yang Mahal obatnyaHartaku Ludes semuaTeman-temanku Tak ada yang datang menjengukSaat ku merintih kesakitanAku Ingin bertobatAku Kepengen shalatTapi ...Read More

Maliq & D Essential Senandung Senandika
Lirik Lagu Maliq D'Essential Senandung SenandikaTak semua meas berkilauTak semua logam berkaratTak semua putih yang menjadi bersihTak semua hitam yang berakhir kelamTak semua nyata terlihatTak semua tanya terjawabTak semua kata untuk dipercayaSemua adanya sebuah pilihanSenandika Senandung dalam jiwaJiwa berperang rasa Hati lawan logikaSiapa yang benar salah Siapa yang menang kalahSiapakah si pengalah Siapa si jawaraSiapa sang penguasa ...Read More

PRH (Republik Patah Hati) Penuh Luka (feat Bening)
Lirik Lagu PRH (Republik Patah Hati) Penuh Luka (feat Bening)Aku berhenti dari kamuAku tak bisa cintaimu lagiHati sudah terlalu penuh lukaKamu tak bisa Paksakan cintaKamu tak bisa Milikiku lagiKau selalu saja membuatku kecewaKadang ku tak mengerti kamuTiba-tiba saja kau marahKatakan saja Apa maumuAtau kau hanya cari caratuk menyakitikuAaah aaah aaahh aaaaaaaHampir setiap hari beginiTangisku pun kau tak peduliTinggalkan saja ...Read More

Superglad Terangkan Dunia
Lirik Lagu Superglad Terangkan DuniaLama sudah Kita bersamaJalani hidup Suka dan dukaTangis dan tawa Saling terasaKita akan terangkan duniaDengan bias sinar lenteraHati yang tak kenal menyerahUntuk kita saling bersamaKita akan terangkan duniaDengan bias sinar lenteraHati yang tak kenal menyerahUntuk kita saling bersamaKau menangis Aku bersedihKau tertawa Aku tersenyumRindu dan benciBersama kita akan terangkan dunia ...Read More

Yolanda Ku Ingin Kau Tahu
Lirik Lagu Yolanda Ku Ingin Kau TahuKu ingin kau tahuApa yang terjadiSesuatu didalam HatikuSaat ku mengenalmuTak seperti yang ku dugaDihatiku ada benih cintaHari yang terlewatiWaktu bersamamuSungguh berkesan di hidupkuKerinduan iniBisa tak terjawabKu ingin ku rasa seperti yang ku rasa*MusicSungguh indahnya bilaYang ku rasakan Kamu rasakanDan begitu bahagianyaSemua yang ku cinta Kau juga cinta ...Read More

D Memory Pantaskah Aku di Surga
Lirik Lagu D'Memory - Pantaskah Aku di SurgaAku hanya ManusiaYang penuh Dengan dosaDan pantaskah Ku masukDidalam surgaDiatas sajadahKu bersimpuh Kepada MuKu bertaubatMohon ampun akuYa Allah ampunilahSemua kesalahanYang telah ku lakukanKu bertaubat mohon ampunanTerimalah taubatkuYang telah jauh dari MuDan jadikanlah akuPenghuni di surga Mu*2 Kalimat SyahadatYa Allah ampunilahSemua kesalaha ...Read More

D Barbie Kesendirianku
Lirik Lagu D'Barbie - KesendiriankuSedih hatiku Melihat semuaKeadaan iniSepi rasanya Ku ditinggal pergiTanpa alasan tak jelasMeski menangis Didalam hatiCukup Aku yang tahuKesendirianku Amatlah beratTanpa KehadiranmuInikah jalan cintakuSelalu sendiriHanya diriku dan sepiSelalu menemaniKapankah kau menyadariKesendiriankuHanya cintamu ku mauBukannya yang lain*MusicInikah jalan cintakuSelalu ...Read More

Davit Harun Allahu Akbar
Lirik Lagu Davit Harun - Allahu AkbarAllah pasti maafkanSemua dosa hambaNyaAllah pasti kabulkanDo'a dari umatNyaAllahu akbar Allah Maha BesarSujud taubat Dari hambaMuAllhu akbar Allah Maha BesarAmpuni segala dosaku*MusicAllahu akbar Allah Maha BesarSujud taubat Dari hambaMuAllhu akbar Allah Maha BesarAmpuni segala dosakuAllahu akbar Allah Maha BesarSujud taubat Dari hambaMuAllhu akbar Allah Maha BesarAmpun ...Read More

Diaz Uswatun Hasanah
Lirik Lagu Diaz - Uswatun HasanahYa Allah berikan RahmatMuKepada setiap manusiaSeperti nabi Muhammadku SAWTak bersifat memfitnahTak bersifat mencelaMeredakan amarahMemecahkan masalahRendah hati penuh senyumJujur dan bijaksanaItulah sifat Sang RasulullahTak bersifat memfitnahTak bersifat mencelaMeredakan amarahMemecahkan masalahHoooo Bila disakiti bila tersakitiItu kata tanda sayangSayang dari AllahUj ...Read More

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