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Rag n Bone Man – Bitter End Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You swear to god but I'm a non-believer
You're losing faith while I've been holding on
Trying to find the root of all that's come between us
Trying to save what's left before everything is gone

[Chorus 1]
Sweet love, my oldest friend
Have we come to the bitter end?
No make up, no pretend
Have we come to the bitter end?
The bitter end
The bitter end

[Verse 2]
Too many years of battle scars
And now we're broken
And all the words you said
Been hanging over my head for time
And all of the lines we've crossed
They've finally bust us open
As a thousand tiny paper cuts of life

[Chorus 2]
Sweet love, my oldest friend
Have we come to the bitter end?
No make up, no pretend
Have we come to the bitter end?
The bitter end
The bitter end
Have we come to the bitter end?
Oh, the bitter end

The higher we rise
The further we fall
When we crash down
Through all of these years
I can't accept it's over now
I won't let go

[Chorus 3]
Sweet love, my oldest friend
Have we come to the bitter end?
No make up, no pretend
Have we come to the bitter end?

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